About Us

Paralagames was created in 2013 in Curitiba, Brazil, with the objective to make fun and engaging games and applications. Before that the Paralagames founder, Jefferson Scomacao, worked in several fields and projects for quite a range of needs, create Paralagames as a company was a dream that came true with time. Together with partners and associates, the company grown and produced several titles and amazing experiences for our customers.

Paralagames is a software house too. We produce custom software for several segments and applications in the gaming area. From simple mobile games to full featured platforms. Our main strength is the ability and experience to mix all these areas to produce the best engaging results. We evolve as fast as the technology goes, at the moment we can offer solutions in most fields like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Simulators, BigData and many other key features. Bellow you can see some of our past project scopes and expertise:


Advert Games

Serious Games

General Apps

AR/VR Apps